Jim & Barb Longworth

We have known David for 14 years and worked with him in various settings with charitable endeavors. He has a good reputation in the community and has helped people we know charitably, in handling some of their financial difficulties. We are impressed with his wisdom, integrity, and his caring heart in serving and helping people. Personally it has been of great benefit to us in showing us and our grown children how to work with our limited resources. We feel very confident that he and his team are the very best in making our money work for us. Beyond investments he has helped us with other resources and advice that has benefited us. Navigating legal questions pertaining to the government is a challenge that he has extensive knowledge about. We have found him to be knowledgeable in a wide number of areas like taxes. He loves his work and that is evident in the time he spends with us and his availability. He is sensitive to our particular needs and is a good teacher in helping us understand an all-encompassing picture of how to handle finances. We are thankful for his help and recommend him and his team for the excellent work they do.